Online Barcode Registration

Barcode Registration

Trademaark offers comprehensive Barcode Registration solutions to all types of business clients in India. Barcodes are vertical lines representation which can be electronically scanned to bring out the product details quickly. The barcode is used for instantly encoding the product details like product numbers, batch numbers, and serial numbers. The barcode in a product has an important role to play in ensuring the efficiency of the supply chain, thus enabling all the participants such as manufacturers, wholesalers, and transporters to identify the products easily. The barcode that is used in the products can help in managing the supply chain, transportation, supermarkets, hospitals and fast-paced retail chains. The EAN-13 is currently the most extensively used barcode with 13 numeric digits. The UPC-A barcode works as a superset consisting of 12 numeric digits.

It is important to note that barcode registration isn’t a mandatory government requirement. You can use a retail barcode that is going to work fine without registration as the stores apply for the barcode number and then link it to the billing or the inventory software. Using the barcode helps to eliminate possibilities of errors and ensures better efficiency of the working staff that handles the products. They can also help the management to benefit from an improved decision-making process.   

Documents necessary for Barcode Registration

By consulting with us at Trademaark, you can now obtain online barcode registration in India without any difficulty. Have a look at the documents that you need to use for this purpose. 

  • Letter requesting the allotment of barcode
  • PAN card of the entity
  • GST/VAT registration certificate
  • A copy of a cancelled cheque
  • Certificate of incorporation or the partnership deed
  • Copy of the audited balance sheet
  • Memorandum of Association or the Articles of Association

Once you have decided that you are going to get a barcode for your product, you should consult with our team at Trademaark for getting complete solutions regarding barcode registration in Mumbai