Online Copyright Registration

Rapid digitization and the popularity of Internet has ensured that we live in a small world. Businesses are no longer confined to the place of their inception and can expand to new markets at any point of time. Therefore, it has become all the more necessary to create an identity for your brand and protect it through brand name registration. At Trademaark, we help you to do just that. 

Like in every country, there are some set rules for brand registration in India. But it is not possible for each of one of us to know about it in detail. This is where some guidance from experts in the field can go a long way in making the process of copyright registration quite smooth for an individual or a business entity.

Before delving deeper into the topic, it is necessary to have a clear idea of what comes under the purview of a brand. A brand could be anything ranging from a domain name, a business name, a design, a logo or a term that creates a unique identity for a business. Branding is necessary for all businesses provide products or services. Brand registration process in India includes copyright registration, business name registration, domain registration and trademark registration. 

For copyright registration in India, logo registration and other such services, one can take professional help. Following the registration, the owner gets full rights to reproduce, distribute or authorize somebody else for it. Copyright registration is carried out in compliance with the Copyright Act, 1957. No one else can use a copyrighted work without seeking the permission of the owner or the creator. As people are pressed for time these days, one can also apply for logo trademark registration online. 

Trademaark know how to go about copyright registration in India. We also have expertise in copyright infringement matters. In case, you have faced such issues, you can contact us to guide you on how to complain about copyright violation so that you get justice. Your copyrighted work is your property and there is no way any other person/business can usurp your rights.