Online Limited Liability Partnership Registration

Limited Liability Partnership Registration

Trademaark offers the most reliable and efficient provider of Limited Liability Partnership Registration solutions in Mumbai. The Limited Liability Partnership Act was issued in 2008 and this led to the introduction of Limited Liability Partnership. Through the Limited Liability Partnership Registration process, you can launch a type of business venture that is easy to maintain and it ensures only limited liability for you as the owners. One of the distinct aspects of the Limited Liability Partnership business is that it effectively combines the Company and the Partnership into a single organization. Thereby one partner does not have the liability or responsibility for another partner’s negligence or misconduct.

Through this form of business registration, it is possible to make sure that the partners only have limited liability within the partnership arrangement just like shareholders operating within a corporation. The partners however have the liberty to manage the various operations of business directly. It is now perfectly possible to get a Limited Liability Partnership Registration online

Benefits of LLP Registration in India 

At Trademaark, we can help you to get Limited Liability Partnership Registration that can be beneficial for your business. Getting LLP registration in India can be advantageous for you in more ways than one. It has extensive legal capacity and lets you take many important business decisions. It also has uninterrupted existence until and unless you deliberately terminate it. Since it does not have any need for audits unless it crosses the Rs 40 lakh turnover mark, it is suitable for small and mid-sized businesses.     

LLP Registration documents

When you choose Trademaark for your Limited Liability Partnership Registration needs, we can guide you at every step of the way. Here is a look at the main LLP Registration documents that you will need to arrange and provide us with for when you are looking to get a Limited Liability Partnership company registered. 

  • PAN Cards or ID proofs of the Partners
  • Photographs
  • Address proofs of the partners
  • Proofs of the Registered Office Address
  • Passports (in case of NRIs and Foreign Nationals)
  • Residence proofs of the partners
  • Digital Signature Certificate   

We charge Rs 11000 to help you register your Limited Liability Partnership company. Once you have arranged for all the documents, you can get in touch with us at Trademaark and we can manage your LLP registration for you. As an LLP Registration Mumbai, India company, we are completely knowledgeable about the process and can easily help you out.