Online One Person Company Registration

One Person Company Registration

Trademaark is the leading provider of One Person Company Registration solutions in India. The Companies Act, 2013 introduced the idea of an OPC or One Person Company in India. The OPC is ideal for entrepreneurs looking to launch their venture by creating a single-person business entity. A major advantage of this type of company is that it can be started only with a single member. This makes it different from a Private Limited Company that requires a minimum of two members for its incorporation. The One Person Company works as a legal entity that is separate and independent from its members. It also provides limited liability protection and has perpetual continuity of business. The One Person Company is also easy to incorporate.    

Benefits of One Person Company Registration

By choosing to avail of One Person Company Registration from Trademaark, you can create a separate legal entity that can offer you extensive legal capacity for managing various operations. Your company and you as the owner can also buy and own property. If someday you decide to sell your business, you can transfer your OPC business to a new owner very easily.     

Documents necessary for One Person Company Registration

Here at Trademaark, we can help you to get One Person Company Registration online for managing your specific business needs. Take a look at the documents that you must provide us for registering your One Person Company. 

  • The Memorandum of Association (MoA)
  • The Articles of the Association (AoA)
  • Details of Nominee
  • Proof of registered office
  • Affidavit and Consent of the proposed Director of Form INC -9 and DIR – 2 respectively 
  • A declaration made by a professional certifying and noting that all the documents are in compliance

We charge a fee of Rs 11000 for providing you with One Person Company Registration services. So, once you have decided that you are going to get registration for your OPC, get in touch with us at Trademaark as we are the best provider of One Person Company Registration in Mumbai, India.