Online Partnership Firm Registration

Partnership Firm Registration

Trademaark offers comprehensive expertise to business owners looking to launch a Partnership Firm in India. A Partnership Firm in India is a very common type of business venture that is owned, controlled, and operated by a legal Association of People to gain profit. A major advantage of this type of business is that they are quite easy to start. It is a common option chosen by small and medium-sized business owners within the unorganized sectors. While a Partnership Firm comes with its range of benefits, the rising trend of Limited Liability Partnerships has led to a reduction in the popularity of the Partnership Firms. 

At Trademaark, we offer partnership firm registration for two types of businesses, namely registered Partnership firm and un-registered Partnership firm. While it is not necessary that you go for Partnership Firm Registration, it is advisable that you do so since it offers a range of added advantages. The Partnership firms are usually created by making a draft of a Partnership deed by the Partners.

Benefits of getting Partnership Firm Registration in India

By getting Partnership Firm Registration in India from us at Trademaark, you get to have access to numerous benefits. Firstly, it is very easy to launch a Partnership Firm as the registration process is quite simple. Secondly, it also offers people the flexibility to choose any name that they want. The only thing that you have to make sure that the name you choose is not already used by another business as a registered trademark. You do not even have to file your accounts annually with this type of business.      

Partnership Firm Registration documents

Trademaark offers Partnership Firm Registration online for businesses that are looking to find such services. Here is a look at the various Partnership Firm Registration documents that you need to arrange when you want to launch a partnership firm with our help.  

  • PAN cards of the partners
  • PAN card of the firm
  • Address Proof of the firm 
  • Address proofs of the partners

At Trademaark, we charge Rs 11000 for registering a Partnership Firm in India. We can cover all steps associated with the registration process. So if you are thinking of getting your partnership firm registered, consult with us at Trademaark today as we are a Partnership Firm Registration Mumbai company that can provide you with the finest expertise in this regard.