Online Proprietorship Registration

Proprietorship registration

Trademaark is a leading provider of proprietorship registration solutions in Mumbai. We can assist you at every step of the way when you are looking to get proprietorship registration for your business. The sole proprietorship business can be described as a type of business enterprise in India that is owned, controlled, and managed by a single person. Considered to be a very common type of business venture in India, small businesses that operate within the unorganized sectors frequently opt for this model of business.

By getting proper proprietorship registration expertise from us at Trademaark, you as a business owner can start your proprietorship venture. One of the things that attract a lot of people into this model of business is that compared to some other business models, the proprietorship business can be started very easily. They also have the least number of requirements in terms of regulatory compliance for launching the business. Nevertheless, there are also some limitations with this form of business after the initial startup phase. The sole proprietorship model does not provide other benefits to the owners like limited liability, independent existence, separate legal entity, and transferability that can be advantageous for any kind of business. This means that this model of business is ideal only for a specific category of small and unorganized businesses, most of which have limited existence.

At Trademaark, we have been providing Proprietorship registration in India for quite some time now and we can attend to your specific needs. The Indian Government has not offered any definite mechanism for incorporation or registration of the Proprietorship business. This means that a business like this is mainly established through tax registrations as well as other business registrations that are mandated by regulations. 

If you are thinking of launching a proprietorship business, you can now get proprietorship registration online from us at Trademaark. You also get to choose any business name for your business as long as the name is not already in use. It is important to note that the name you choose can be used by another business as well unless you obtain trademark registration. 

Proprietorship Registration Documents

These are the proprietorship registration documents that you need to present to us while registering.  

  • Bank Account
  • Aadhar Card 
  • PAN Card
  • Registered office proof

The fees that we charge at Trademaark for getting proprietorship registration is Rs 3000/-