Online Public Limited Company Registration

Public Limited Company Registration

Trademaark is a renowned Public Limited Company Registration based in Mumbai. We are thoroughly knowledgeable about the Public Limited Company Registration process and can help you with that. A Public Limited Company is a type of business that can provide you with limited liability as an owner along with other owners of the business. The management as a whole also gets to avail that benefit. The Public Limited Company can also sell its shares to the investors so that it can raise capital. It is important to have at least three Directors for incorporating the Public Limited Company. This type of business venture has more severe regulatory requirements than some other types of business ventures. The Public Limited Companies usually function as large companies that have at least seven members and there’s no upper limit on the maximum members that it can have. 

Since the Public Limited Company offers a wide range of advantages for you and your partners as the owners, you should consider opting for Public Limited Company Registration and choose Trademaark to help you with it. The public limited company is very similar to the private limited company in many respects. It can offer your management to own property and has got uninterrupted existence unless the entity is legally dissolved. This company structure can also allow your management to borrow funds if you need to do so.  

Public Limited Company Registration Documents 

Here is a look at the documents that you need for the process of Public Limited Company Registration. 

  • PAN card 
  • Aadhaar card
  • Address proofs of the directors
  • Passport size images of the directors
  • Photo ID proofs of the directors
  • Rent agreement of the registered office
  • Specimen signature
  • Self-declaration on the directorship of the owners in other companies
  • No objection certificate obtained from the property owner 

At Trademaark, we charge a fee of Rs 30000 to provide our clients with Public Limited Company Registration in India. Once you have decided to launch a Public Limited Company, make sure that you get in touch with us at Trademaark as we are capable of providing you with Public Limited Company Registration online in India.