Online Trademark Assignment

Trademark Assignment

Trademaark offers complete trademark assignment solutions to clients who are looking for such services. We have been catering to the needs of the business world for a long time and can certainly help you out when you are trying to have trademark assignment for your business. The process of Trademark Assignment involves transferring the rights and ownership of the business entity with or without the market reputation associated with a specific trademark to another person or entity. The transferring of trademark can be partial or whole by the actual owner of that trademark and there may or may not be some restrictions involved. A license agreement is used for the licensing process and the trademark assignment agreement helps to carry out the trademark assignment.  

Benefits of seeking trademark assignment services 

Getting trademark assignment services from us at Trademaark can help you to explore and unlock the true value of your brand that was only theoretical until this point. You can also assert the legal rights of your trademark and resolve all potential disputes with the help of a deed for trademark assignment. This is why you should

apply trademark online

through us at Trademaark.  

Documents needed for the process of trademark assignment in India

By consulting with our team at Trademaark, you can get trademark assignment services in India that benefit your business as a whole. Have a look at the various documents that you need to present us with when you are looking to get

trademark registration India

  • Description and name of the assignee and the assignor 
  • Certificate of Trademark Registration or TM Certificate if any
  • NOC or No Objection Certificate obtained from original owner of a registered trademark

So once you have decided that you are going to get

trademark registration online

, make sure that you choose Trademaark for the best solutions in this regard.